:5887animalcrossdance: Guide for new Players Atlantica Eternal :5887animalcrossdance:

First, as a new player, you will get free level 130 without needing to complete the lvl 120 & 130 quest, and also the Beginer Pack.

How do I get the Beginnery pack? it's very easy! just by doing Kris to Shea's quest and exchanging some beginner packs at the Lucky Chain Letter NPC (Owl NPC) at Rome Gate  

Either before or after. (We recommend after) you have completed this mission. Teleport to ROME - Plaza. Down the stairs (towards the gates of Rome) you will find the "Owl NPC".

  • Free level 130
  • Mercenary Selection Summon Marble x3
  • Exploration Kit x2 (Mercenary grade A&B)
  • Carmilla, Christine, Jeon-Woo-Chi, Jessica, Morighan
  • Goddess Accesories 8 set
  • +4 Chocolate Accesories x50
  • Unlimited time custom title 
  • LEGEND Evil armor + Lapis weapon
  • Ancient Minotaur set
  • Extra inventory License permanent x4