Active Event

  • IND Repositorium

Key can be obtain from Begginer NPC Rome Plaza, you can farm atlas ore inside this dungeon!

  •  Witch's Hut

Dungeon near Dublin exchange NPC on Halloween Pumpkin ( Rome Plaza )

  • Milky Way Festival

Dungeon near Paris exchange NPC on Luna ( Rome Plaza )

  • Mystery Train

Dungeon key can be obtain from 1 hour login in mailbox

  • Holy Town, Cake Kingdom, Faust's Mansion, Art Gallery, Goddess Garden, Beast Banquet Hall, Cherry Blossom Festival :

ALL events portal are on left side event button, exchange NPC are on Rome Plaza

  •  Calypso

Permanent dungeon that have a tons of items and exp! (Near Baghdad)

  •  All GD/ND/IND/TBS has been perfectly revamp! try it with your guild mates!


Tournament  Every tournament we host will always be a Colosseum League.

This is to give everyone a fair chance to win.

Prizes generally consist of GC for Mall Items.  

GM/Player Organized Events  These are usually more random in fashion. With random prizes for winners and sometimes participants. Prizes are at the discretion of the organizers