• Increase Abyssal & Calypso Treasure Chest rate at Calypso
  • Add Apocalypse Box at West Atlantis
  • Fix few magic mercenary at PVP
  • Decrease Sloth Boss at 4/5/6 floor cooldown
  • Fix Natasha Weapon bug & become tradable
  • Add back Atlantis Platinum Coin & Book lvl 120 Specialization at Market
  • Erase Sloth Weapon durability

Note: For Player who have sloth durability can exchange manually by chat GM
Add Spring Wing decoration in the garden at NPC Momotaro

  • Add new exchange at NPC Luna
  • Infinity Challenge, Turkey, Turkey BBQ, Gold Turkey 
  • Replacing LEGEND Evil Weapon become LEGEND Lapis Weapon at Begginer Pack